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Council of Government
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Collaborative partnership of multiple agencies

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Active Participants

Which of the following stakeholders/partners are active in your watershed effort?
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Local government (i.e., municipal, county, etc.)
Local government elected/appointed officials
Natural resource agency staff (NRCS, Soil & Water Conservation, Forest Service, etc.)
Utility service provider (water, wastewater, energy
Regional planning organizations (i.e., COGs, RPOs, MPOs, etc.)
State government staff (i.e., NCDENR, NCDOT, WRC, etc.)
Federal government staff (i.e., EPA, USFWS, etc.)
State or Federal government elected/appointed officials
University/college institutions (includes cooperative extensions)
K-12 educational entities (public, private, homeschool, etc.)
Civic organizations (scouts, jaycees, etc.)
Conservation organizations (land trusts, wildlife ecology, environmental advocacy, etc.)
Faith-based entities (i.e., churches)
Private citizens
Home owners, land owners
Neighborhood associations
Developers or homebuilders
Professional engineers, scientists, planners
Recreation-oriented groups (trout unlimited, hunters, paddling clubs, etc.)
Other (please specify)


What activities is your organization actively conducting?
Check all that apply.

Collaborating & Building Partnerships

Recruiting potential stakeholders/members
Building partnerships with other organizations
Seeking diverse perspectives and opinions

Assessing Conditions

Monitoring environmental conditions (i.e., collection observations)
Identifying stakeholder concerns, issues, & values
Analysing watershed data

Watershed Planning

Developing a watershed plan
Implementing a watershed plan


Designing & distributing educational materials
Conducting education workshops or training
Leading outdoor activities to connect people to nature

Influencing policy and/or enforcement

Reporting on watershed conditions or issues affecting stakeholders
Advocating for policies that benefit watersheds
Reviewing site development plans

Watershed Improvement Projects

Identifying potential project locations
Organizing volunteer events (e.g., stream cleanups)
Designing or installing watershed improvement projects
Monitoring or maintaining existing watershed projects
Protecting or managing land or habitats


Writing or administering grants
Soliciting donations from individuals, businesses or foundations
Providing products for sale or services for hire
Conducting fundraising events

Other Activities


Topics of interest

Which of the following interests are a primary or secondary focus in your organization's mission or strategic plan? Check all that apply.

A watershed based approachPrimary Secondary
Collaboration among diverse perspectivesPrimary Secondary
Education and outreachPrimary Secondary
Scientific researchPrimary Secondary
Water supply/drinking waterPrimary Secondary
Groundwater/aquifer protectionPrimary Secondary
Water quality or stormwaterPrimary Secondary
Sedimentation and erosion controlPrimary Secondary
Flooding, hazard mitigation and/or climate changePrimary Secondary
Recreation & tourism (hiking, water sports, bird watching, hunting, fishing, etc.)Primary Secondary
Wildlife, fishery and/or habitat conservation (including rare species or biodiversity)Primary Secondary
Invasive speciesPrimary Secondary
Economic developmentPrimary Secondary
Growth or urbanizationPrimary Secondary
TransportationPrimary Secondary
Cultural and historic heritagePrimary Secondary
Environmental justicePrimary Secondary
Public health and social well-beingPrimary Secondary
Agriculture and working landsPrimary Secondary
Silviculture and working forestsPrimary Secondary
Landscaping and gardeningPrimary Secondary
Land conservation/managementPrimary Secondary
Energy and miningPrimary Secondary
Trash and solid wastePrimary Secondary
Air qualityPrimary Secondary
Other (please specify)
Primary Secondary

Leadership, Staff & Volunteers

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